New Elsie Day Bags on the website

There are new bags on the website this month, including a few limited edition Elsie Day Bags.

Featuring limited edition tweeds, some from the now closed mills in the north of Scotland, others from further afield in the UK. These limited edition tweeds will never be repeated, once they’re gone, they’re gone, which only adds to their exclusivity. Combined with tweeds from the borders and the islands, the Elsie Day Bag perfectly showcases the diversity of colour, texture and pattern in British tweed today.

The comfortable shoulder straps are made from high quality Scottish leather, and the zip closure is extra chunky to contrast with the soft textures of the body of the bag.

All Elsie Day Bags feature the three layer construction technique, meaning quality and durability are never compromised. The Elsie Day Bag also has an extra layer in the base for added strength, and four metal feet to protect itself from mucky surfaces.

The lining is made from organic cotton hemp and hand printed in our bespoke Katherine Emtage design. It also features two internal pockets, one patch and one zipped, for keeping small items handy.

The Elsie Day Bag is the perfect balance of timeless style and contemporary design, and the ideal bag to use everyday, from season to season.

Ooh la la – Ces Pochettes Sont Grandes!

That’s right Francophiles, there’s a new range of Pochettes on the website, and these ones hold a bit more than the originals. To the uninitiated, the Pochette is a ‘pocket’ sized clutch bag. However, the new style is approximately twice the size of its older sister and even holds a mini iPad. They are all still sleek and flat, with tweed and velvet trim on the outside, smooth silk taffeta on the inside and a chunky metal zip closure. But both sizes now come with either a wrist strap or an across the body strap in lovely matching velvet.

Let me at them!

New Collection at Cromlix House Hotel

Just before Christmas I was asked to create a collection of accessories and home wares for Cromlix House Hotel by Strictly Come Dancing’s Judy Murray. Judy has created her very own Harris Tweed, so she approached me and two other Scottish designer makers to create an exclusive collection of bags, accessories and home wares in her bespoke cloth. All to be sold at son Andy Murray’s hotel, Cromlix, in Perthshire.

The Harris Tweed is a beautiful combination of dark purple, black and bottle green in a bold tartan checked weave. Reminiscent of the colours of Wimbledon, and very Scottish.

My collection, exclusively for Cromlix, consists of a clasp purse, cushion cover and a tea cosy. The clasp purse and tea cosy are lined in cotton florals for a vintage feel, and the cushion cover is generously sized for maximum comfort.

The Pochette Has Its Moment

This year I’ve taken part in a couple of very select Christmas fairs. Flock at Woodend Barn in Banchory, and the Open Studios at the Drill Hall in Leith, Edinburgh; my old studio complex. Both events were a fantastic opportunity to meet lovely customers and show my work in a busy Christmassy atmosphere.

Sometimes, people don’t know what the ‘Pochette’ is for. They think maybe it’s a make up bag or some such ‘at home’ item. But the pochette is a small wrist clutch bag or pocket, made for your most essential items, and perfect for a night out. So I was really pleased when a lovely French lady came by and immediately pounced on the pochette range. She told me her sister has a large collection of pochettes, so that adding a Scottish version would be perfect for her Christmas present.

There’s a new range of Pochettes online now, in a fresh range of tweeds with contrasting velvet trims. They’re the perfect gift and so easy to post.