Ooh la la – Ces Pochettes Sont Grandes!

That’s right Francophiles, there’s a new range of Pochettes on the website, and these ones hold a bit more than the originals. To the uninitiated, the Pochette is a ‘pocket’ sized clutch bag. However, the new style is approximately twice the size of its older sister and even holds a mini iPad. They are all still sleek and flat, with tweed and velvet trim on the outside, smooth silk taffeta on the inside and a chunky metal zip closure. But both sizes now come with either a wrist strap or an across the body strap in lovely matching velvet.

Let me at them!

The Pochette Has Its Moment

This year I’ve taken part in a couple of very select Christmas fairs. Flock at Woodend Barn in Banchory, and the Open Studios at the Drill Hall in Leith, Edinburgh; my old studio complex. Both events were a fantastic opportunity to meet lovely customers and show my work in a busy Christmassy atmosphere.

Sometimes, people don’t know what the ‘Pochette’ is for. They think maybe it’s a make up bag or some such ‘at home’ item. But the pochette is a small wrist clutch bag or pocket, made for your most essential items, and perfect for a night out. So I was really pleased when a lovely French lady came by and immediately pounced on the pochette range. She told me her sister has a large collection of pochettes, so that adding a Scottish version would be perfect for her Christmas present.

There’s a new range of Pochettes online now, in a fresh range of tweeds with contrasting velvet trims. They’re the perfect gift and so easy to post.